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Wanting the following

Eastern Brown Snake pair

Tiger Snake pair

Copper Head pair

Please enquire so I can find out what you have

Will pay serious dollars for quality animals
Wanted Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller 1

Jungle Carpet Python

He's a small nippy hatchling

Unfortunately he needs to go :(

Pick up only

Permit Number : CALZ12559
$50 each NSW (Country)
Contact Seller 4

Uluru and Tanami Woma Pythons

First pic is a Tanami

Secound pic is an Uluru

In excellent health

Good temperament

Easy snake to take care of
$200 each Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller 1

Black Headed Python - Yearling

Male BHP

Feeds very well on thawed rats

Must sell, please enquire

Permit Number : 14394989-b
$220 each Vic (Country)
Contact Seller 1

Blonde Spotted Python - Female

Blonde spotted python

5 years old

Healthy snake, good eater

Has good markings

Need to find a home as we are moving

Local pick up only
$40 each Qld (Metro)
Contact Seller 1

Black Headed Python - Male

3 Year old

Bred by K Brothers pythons

Beautiful snake in wonderful condition

Can be cage defensive but once out handles ok

Feeds perfectly on large or xl rats

Can freight at buyers expense.

Please enquire for any further photos or details

Permit Number : AKL110085
$500 each NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller 1

7 Year Old - DIAMOND PYTHON - Female

Regrettable sale of my 7 year old female Diamond Python

Named Ayva and her enclosure

Ayva is 3 metres long, handles well and has no issues feeding

I will be moving overseas for an extended period of time and so wonít be able to care for her

She has a very nice yellow/white pattern which comes up particularly vibrant after shedding, perhaps she might do well as part of a breeding pair.

The enclosure is a decent size and comes with everything you need, Heat lanp, logs, water bowl

Iím happy to also throw in whatever food I have leftover, I think I have about two months worth of rats in the freezer.

Permit Number : AKL101873
$500 the lot NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller 1

Jungle Python Pair

8.5 year old breeding pair

Handle okay

5-6 foot long

Will freight at buyers expense
$800 per pair Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller 1

Jungle Python Pair

4.5 year old breeding pair

5-6 foot long

Handle well

Will freight at buyers expense

$800 per pair Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller 1

Albino Spotted Python

12 month old female

Perfect health

From proven out cross het parents

Eating full grown mice/small rats

Going very yellow

Reference's available

Best offer, willing to part trade with pure Diamonds or Albino Carpets
Make a reasonable offer Qld (Metro)
Contact Seller 4

Snakes and Enclosure Lot

1 x Bredli female

8 yrs old

2.1 meter long
1 x Bredli female

5 yrs old

1.6 meter long
1 x male Darwin carpet

4 yrs old

1.5 meter long
1 x female Eastern Carpet Snake
All in excellent health and feeding on rabbits

About 50+ frozen rabbits(small and Medium)

3 cages that are heated and have a heat pad

Peter Cameron (the vet) has checked them out not so long ago

Melbourne South Eastern Area

Pick up only
$1000 or nearest offer for the lot Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller 1

Platinum Spotted Python Female

Female born in November 2016

Feeds well on thawed adult mice

Sheds with no issues

Has great markings

Handles fine but can show some cage defense if not handled regularly

Only selling as I am getting out of reptiles

If you have any questions please enquire

Must have reptile license

Permit Number : Aklz059897
$250 each NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller 1

100% Het Marble Pair Or Children's Pythons

Pair of 100% het marble childrens pythons

They both feed well on thawed mice

Shed fine

Handle very well

Hatched November 2016 male and January 2017 female

They are a relevant size for their age

Have never struck or bitten. only selling as I am getting out of reptiles

If you have any questions please enquire

You must have a reptile keepers license to purchase these

Permit Number : Aklz059897
$500 per pair NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller 1

Spotted Python

She is around 3 years old now, and a good size

Great markings

Great feeder

She can be snappy when getting her out of her tank

Would make a good breeder

Let me know if your interested or have questions

Permit Number : AKLZ004404p
$100 each NSW (Metro)