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Small Frozen Wild caught Rabbits

I run a small business catching wild rabbits for people who have rabbit problems in the southeastern suburbs.

At certain times of the year I have large numbers of small rabbits to offer. They are all dispatched humanely and with no chemicals or poisons.

I have
<200g for $4ea or 10 for $30
200g - 400g for $5ea or 10 for $40
400g - 600g same price, only 11 avail.
600g> for $6 - only 8 available.
Ranging amounts Vic (Metro)
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Wanted Sugar Glider

Looking for an individual or pair of sugar gliders

Experienced reptile owner

Please email me your price if you have one available
Vic (Metro)
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Water - Pond Plants

I have several types of water plants available


Elephant ear from 0.3m to 2m high, purple stems with green leaves

Water iris yellow and purple flowers

Apart from ponds these are also great for pergola water pots

Local pick up Cranbourne area

Permit Number : 12437511-A
$2 to $4 each Vic (Metro)