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Gippsland Water Dragons

Hatched 15th to 20th March 2017

Vigorous and healthy


Feeding very well on small crickets and woodies

Basic licence required in Victoria

$40 each Vic (Metro)
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Eastern Blue Touge Lizards

All adult males

Very quiet and eat well

$45 for the lot

Can arrange individual sales

Permit Number : Akl105796
$45 the lot NSW (Country)
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Eastern Water Dragons

Juvenile Eastern Water Dragons

About 12 months old

From 2 separate clutches

Eating large crickets and medium size woodies

Their underbellies are starting to colour up

Cheaper if buying more than 1

Pick up from Cranbourne area

Permit Number : 12437511-A
$40 each Vic (Metro)
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Blotched Bluetongue juvenilles (Tiliqua nigrolutea)

Selling individually to committed owners only

Born March 2016

All healthy growing, shedding and eating well

Pick-up from Mt Waverley Vic
$50 each Vic (Metro)
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Boyd's Forest Dragons

Feeding on small to medium crickets

Sex unknown

From 6 to 8 weeks of age

Freight available at buyers expense
$200 each Qld (Metro)
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Frill Neck Dragons

Make excellent pets and are easy to tame

What better way to greet your visitors than with a dragon sitting on your shoulder?

At this age, 9 to 12 weeks, they quickly adapt to their new surroundings and fit in with your routine

Their antics are extremely entertaining and those eyes!

We are happy to offer advice to serious buyers and will assist you on your frilly journey if this is your first time, or even your fifth.

Freight via Qantas Freight all over Australia including WA is $50 for however many frillies you would like

$350 each Qld (Country)
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Pygmy Bearded Dragons

2 years old

Both males

Very active and eating woodies, crickets and salad

Advanced licence required in Victoria

Permit no. 12469068-A
$60 each Vic (Metro)
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Bearded Dragons & Enclosure

Male and female bearded dragons

Comes with enclosure

Well handled
$400 per pair Qld (Country)
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Frill Neck Dragons - Males

Stunning North Qld male frill neck dragons from experienced breeders

We breed a lot of frillies each year and I always keep some of the ones that come from good breeding lines and show beautiful colours

Due to a change in our circumstances I have decided to offer these four juvenile males

Our frillies live outside all year round and grow strong and healthy

All of these males are friendly and will happily sit on your shoulder. Their antics are very entertaining!

They are all 9 months old and between 30 - 35cms

Price includes freight via Qantas freight including to WA.
$400 each Qld (Country)