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Menagerie - Out Door Enclosure

I'm moving house so am pulling down my out door enclosure which houses blue tongues, turtles and water dragons.

The panels are ply or rhs tube, there are 2 at 2.4m w x 2.4m h. 1 panel - 1.2 w x 2.4 m h.

Wire on rhs tube frames i.e. the front of the enclosure are 2 x 1.8m w x 2.4 m h. 1 x 1.5m wide x 2.4 m h and a door at about 850mm w x 2.4 m h.

There are some frames across the roof also of varying sizes with wire and shade mesh

All supporting treated pine posts included.

$100 the lot Vic (Metro)
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Pond Pump, Filter and Pond Liner

Large pond pump/filter and rubber pond liner, about 1mm thick, being used for turtle pond

Very good condition

Pond liner size - about 1.5m wide x 2 m long

Permit Number : 12437511-A
$100 the lot Vic (Metro)
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Large terrarium used for plants - included!

Could be easily modified for frogs

1.1 m wide x 0.87m high x 0.61 m deep.

Thick 10 mm glass

Two person lift due to size and weight

Pick up Cranbourne Nth area

Permit Number : 12437511-A
$50 the lot Vic (Metro)
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Home Made Incubator

Works great!

Have hatched hundreds of eggs in this over many years

2 shelves

450mm D x 630mm W x 850mm H

Pick up Cranbourne area
Permit Number : 12437511-A
$30 each Vic (Metro)