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Desert Scape Reptile Vivarium Displays

Three custom built glass vivarium displays

Strong aluminium extrusion frames with woven wire mesh top which can handle high wattage heat lamps and support the weight of inquisitive pet cats

This complete setup includes three Exo-terra heat lamps individually connected to a HabiStat Thermostat

Each enclosure has a heat pad connected to a HabiStat Thermostat

Total of four HabiStats

The terrariums have a mock rocked panoramic desert scape backdrop with an easily accessible hide for your critters

Backdrop is made with high density polystyrene and sealed with three coats of epoxy resin making it very durable

Bench is also included

Local pickup only, Melbourne

Measurment of each enclosure: 72cm (L) x 50cm (W) x 52cm (H)
Total length 218cm
$1,400 the lot Vic (Metro)