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Contact Seller Other 102

Small Frozen Wild caught Rabbits

I run a small business catching wild rabbits for people who have rabbit problems in the southeastern suburbs.

At certain times of the year I have large numbers of small rabbits to offer. They are all dispatched humanely and with no chemicals or poisons.

I have
<200g for $4ea or 10 for $30
200g - 400g for $5ea or 10 for $40
400g - 600g same price, only 11 avail.
600g> for $6 - only 8 available.
Ranging amounts Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Wanted

Wanting the following

Eastern Brown Snake pair

Tiger Snake pair

Copper Head pair

Please enquire so I can find out what you have

Will pay serious dollars for quality animals
Wanted Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Jungle Carpet Python

He's a small nippy hatchling

Unfortunately he needs to go :(

Pick up only

Permit Number : CALZ12559
$50 each NSW (Country)
Contact Seller Other 1

Wanted Sugar Glider

Looking for an individual or pair of sugar gliders

Experienced reptile owner

Please email me your price if you have one available
Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 4

Uluru and Tanami Woma Pythons

First pic is a Tanami

Secound pic is an Uluru

In excellent health

Good temperament

Easy snake to take care of
$200 each Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Lizard 4

Wanted Eastern Water Dragons

1 male and 3 female adult Eastern Water Dragons wanted for large outdoor enclosure in February 2018

Happy to negotiate price

Permit Number : AKL73972
Neg NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Equipment 1

Reptile Enclosure

This enclosure was professionally made by H.P.Customs

Measures a massive 2.4 L X 1.2 H X 700 D

Fibreglass rock wall with 2 basking shelves, self draining water bowl, artificial plants, real log, and plenty of lighting

Beautiful timber finish, this enclosure is a one off

Comes with spare lights
$800 each Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Black Headed Python - Yearling

Male BHP

Feeds very well on thawed rats

Must sell, please enquire

Permit Number : 14394989-b
$220 each Vic (Country)

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