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Adelaide Reptile & Frog Expo - 16th & 17th May 2015

If you are thinking of attending the Adelaide Reptile & Frog Expo at The Adelaide Showgrounds on the 16th and 17th May 2015 and need more information - please check out the facebook page at


or the Web Page at


Permit Number : Y01112-3
0 SA
Contact Seller Wanted

Wanted: Reptile Eggshells

I'm starting an honours project this year and am in need of some eggshells!

The target species that is needed most is the Australian water dragon (intellagama lesueurii) but we also need to find eggshells from lots of different reptiles as well

If you have any eggs still due to hatch this year I would be very appreciative if you could help out - I have a simple collection protocol info that I can send out, as well as pay for the specimen jars, gloves and return postage

If you'd like to hear about the progress of the study I'd be happy to send you updates, and if you want, acknowledge your help in the journal article

All ethics and EPA approvals have been acquired already- all we need now is eggshells

Hope you can help! Please use the contact seller function to leave your details if you can

Wanted Qld (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 5

Spotted Python Yearlings and Adults

2 females - 1 of them is in the 2nd pic

1 male

also a 2yo spotted male $120 darker than the others

and a 4yo breeding male $220 as seen in the 1st pic

Feeding on mice or small rats

They all handle well

Please enquire for individual pics of what you are looking for
$120 each Qld (Country)
Contact Seller Lizard 1

Lace Monitor - Yearling

Feeding well on mice, chicken hearts and small chicken legs

Willing to freight at buyer's expense
$300 each Qld (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Darwin Python

Female Darwin 2 to 3 year old

Great feeder, very healthy

Selling cages full glass 5ft long 2ft wide 2ft

Must provide own transport and pick up Newtown area

Permit Number : Rk69525
Commercial Dealer
$500 each NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 6

Yellow Diamond Pythons

Different patterns to choose from

12 month old

R1 license required

Permit Number : AKL097120
$250 each NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Lizard 3

Central Bearded Dragons - pogona vitticeps

Breeding trio

4 years old

Male red phase,

Two females yellow phase

Laid 17 and 19 eggs last year

Very tame eat anything

lic n.o 13878389-A
$450 the lot Vic (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 4

Children's Pythons

Hatched in December

All eating very well

4 available
$125 each Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Lizard 5

Bluetongue Lizards - Tiliqua scincoides

Adults, feeding on cat food, fruit and vegetables

Willing to freight at buyer's expense
$100 each Qld (Country)
Contact Seller Lizard 25

Baby Frill Neck lizards

Hi coloured frill neck lizard hatchlings from 4 different clutches.

Eating small crickets, meal worms and small roaches.

Males and females avauilable

Price includes freight via Qantas freight
$420 each Qld (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Adult Male Olive Python

Adult male olive python about 10 ft.

Handles well once out of the tank.

Only selling because I need the room

Asking price is $500 ono

Permit Number : Akl092460
$500 each NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 8

Tully Jungle Hatchlings

Hatchlings feeding well on pinky mice and rats

30 cm long

3 months old

Cheaper if buying a few

Starting $80 pic 1 type up to $150 for brighter standout colours

License required
$80 to $150 each Qld (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Black Headed Python (Aspidites melanocephalus)

11 year old male, between 2 and 2.5 metres long (the pavers he is pictured on are 30cms square)

Feeding well on thawed rats

He is a good handler with a docile personality

Named “Stout” available for pickup on the Mornington Peninsula.

Permit Number : 12448144-B
$400 each Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Lizard 1

Mangrove Monitor (Varanus indicus)

6 year old male, proven breeder

Feeding well mostly on thawed mice, but he is not choosy.

Very fit and healthy

I'm seeking a breeding arrangement

I would like to end up with a breeding pair

Will happily start again with a young pair trading my male for babies

Another option, if a single female is available, is to do a breeding loan and trade him for the first clutch of babies produced (or vice versa)

I will have a table at the VHS Reptile Expo, March 14 near the HerpShop tables and could bring him along for a trade or discuss breeding options with interested parties

Permit Number : 12448144-B
$2,000 each Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Black Headed Python

Male BHP

3 years old

Great feeder

Victoria pick only thanks
$700 each Vic (Country)
Contact Seller Equipment 20

Frozen Wild Caught Rabbits

Frozen wild caught rabbits

10 KG - whole carcass from 200-1200grams

Netted and or dug out not shot or poisoned

By product of my Pest Control business

Supply seasonal; delivery can be negotiated at purchasers cost
$50 each Vic

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