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Contact Seller Lizard 1

Pygmy Bearded Dragon + Entire Tank Set Up

'Falkor' our 1 year old Pygmy Bearded Dragon

Complete with her entire home set up - tank, bowls, decorations, UV light with timer and heat light with thermostat.

Tank size 45cm x 45cm x 45cm

Price breakdown:
Tank & bowls $330
UV light $100
Thermostat $150
Heat light $70
Lizard $50

This comes to a total of $700 RRP

You could have this whole tank set up with the lizard too for only $500 ono

Selling because I'm moving to Melbourne and hoping to sell all before Christmas

Please enquire if you have any questions or would like to see more photos.

Permit Number : AALZ041746
$500 the lot NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Lizard 1

Eastern Water Dragon

Have had lizard since it was little

Was missing part of tail when I got it. Has now grown back but black

Lovely nature and doesn't mind being handled

Loves to have a swim in the bath

I think it is female but not sure

Is fed on pellets. Occasionally grapes and brussell sprouts as a treat

Need gone asap. Can have enclosure as well if wanted

Pick up only
$150 each Vic
Contact Seller Other 1

Kreft Turtle

Have had turtle since it was able to fit in the palm of my hand

It is now the size of a bread and butter plate

Don't know the sex

Fed on pellets

Need gone asap

Comes with a six foot fish tank if wanted

Pick up only
$300 each Vic
Contact Seller Snake 1

Female Stimson Python

Female Python purchased and sexed by Snake Ranch NSW

Have had her for 5 yrs

She feeds on fuzzy rats and sheds well

Was great to handle but has not been in a while

She has amazing colouring

Need gone asap

Comes with enclosure if you want it

Pick up only
$300 each Vic
Contact Seller Snake 1

Centralian Python and Enclosure

Centralian Python - female

Approx 4 - 5 feet long

Beautiful well behaved snake

Feeds on medium & large rats

Comes with enclosure, heat lamps, light, hide etc.
$300 the lot Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 10

Children's Pythons

Hatched in September 2016, so now about 6 months old

All eating very well

Handle very well

10 available

Sorry no shipping, local pick up only
$60 each Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Spotted Python

5 yr old female

Docile family pet

Price includes tank and all accessories

Permit Number : AKL109277
$200 each NSW (Country)
Contact Seller Lizard 2

Frill neck dragons

Stunning pair of North Qld frill neck dragons from experienced breeders

Each year I keep some animals that show potential for breeding amazing colours and a good temperament

Due to a change in our circumstances I have decided to offer this 2 year old pair

Our frillies live outside all year round and grow strong and healthy

The male is approx 55cm and the female approx 50cm, she may be gravid as he is displaying typical mating behaviour

Price includes freight via Qantas freight including to WA
$1,000 the lot Qld (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 3

Baby Scrub Pythons

Multi generation captive bred from stunning very quiet parents

If brought up correctly will be as tame as any carpet python

3 males left

Willing to freight

Sorry no swaps
$300 each Qld (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 5

Jungle Python hatchlings

1 male

4 females

All feeding on adult mice

Located in Woodford, Blue Mountains, 30 mins west of Penrith NSW

Buyer to pay freight. Sorry no interstate sales

Permit Number : akl55810
$110 each NSW (Metro)

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