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Estuarine croc (Crocodylus porosus) and fresh water (Johnstoni)

1 x juvenile estuarine crocodiles

1 x juvenile Johnston River crocodile

Both in good health and used for exhibition purposes

Only those with correct permits/approvals and prescribed species permits can buy these crocodiles. Please don't ask us how you can get a permit

$650.00 each + freight. Depending on where you are we may be able to deliver

Crocs will be available at end of July 2016

Permit Number : PO1675
$650 each NSW (Country)
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Water - Pond Plants

I have several types of water plants available


Elephant ear from 0.3m to 2m high, purple stems with green leaves

Water iris yellow and purple flowers

Apart from ponds these are also great for pergola water pots

Local pick up Cranbourne area

Permit Number : 12437511-A
$3 to $7 each Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 28

Centrailin Python Bredili

Hatchie centailians

Feeding and shedding fine

Happy to talk price if you want more than one

Will send at your expense.
$100 each Qld (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Diamond Python

Regrettable sale

Male: 3 years old

Vet checked

Excellent health

Length: 2.5 meters

Excellent feeder large rats

Permit number AKLZ007487
$200 each NSW (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Black Headed Python 100% Het Axanthic

Regrettable sale

Male 2 years old

Length: 1.60 meters

100% het Axanthic

Vet checked

Excellent health

Ready for breeding

Excellent feeder large rats

Handles very well

Permit Number : AKLZ007487
$2,000 each NSW (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Black Headed Python 100% het Axanthic

Regrettable sale

Female 2 year old

100% het Axanthic

Length: 1.55 meters

Vet Checked

Excellent health

Excellent feeder large rats

Easy to handle

Permit Number : AKLZ007487
$3000 for the pair NSW (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Black Headed Python

Regrettable sale

Female 3 years old

Length: 1.8 meters

Vet Checked

Excellent health

Ready for breeding

Excellent feeder large rats

Handles very well

Permit Number : AKLZ007487
$300 each NSW (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 2

GTP + Stimson + Cabinet >> the lot!!!

Green tree python:

Kermit is 2 yrs

1.4m long

Eats & sheds really well

Has been handled, is active at night

Requires R2 licence

Originally bought from Southern X Reptiles - mother is Wattle

Also an older (approx 7-8yrs) beautifully marked male Stimson python

1.2m long

Very healthy and great handler - handled by children and petrified adults

Cabinet: has three separate tiers all with their own ceramic heat globe and light
- 2 thermostats
- hygrometer (humidity meter)
- heat mat + heat rock
- internal display lights
- UV globe light
- 3 black ceramic 150W globes
- Ventilated
- Easy clean removable astro turf flooring
- Easy to wipe and spray to sterilise walls

Price includes the lot >> $1000 absolute bargain

Will not separate!

Permit Number : AKL094851
$1,000 the lot NSW (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 2

Bredli Ppythons

Two bredli pythons

Both are six foot long

Great feeders and very placid snakes

Selling due to down sizing collection

Make me a reasonable offer on price!

Please enquire for any further details
$250 per pair Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Black Headed Pythons

Male BHP

5 years old

7ft in length

Great handler & feeder

Solid snake in excellent condition


2 large cages also available

Melamine enclosure 1500 x 600 x 600, standard thermostat, heavy duty sliding glass: $375 ONO

Hardwood lifting top 1900 long x 700 wide x 800 high, features: reptile radiator 2 by black night heaters, 2 by pulse thermostat: $550 ONO

$325 each Vic (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 2

Black Headed Python male and female

Pleasant snakes that get more and more friendly the more they are handled

3 year olds

Would be good to breed as I've been told by breeder they carry axanthic gene

Some scarring on their top side due to a recent burn

Cheap price due to scarring

Located Bargo NSW

Can meet in south Sydney or Wollongong

Permit Number : Akl096200
$500 per pair NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Lizard 1

Eastern Bearded Dragon and Enclosure

Male Easterned Bearded Dragon

Approx. 3 years old

Great Enclosure with lights.

Permit Number : AKL109726
$100 the lot NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Albino Darwin Carpet

4 Year old female albino darwin carpet python

Approximately 5 foot

Great feeder

Good temperament however not handled very often

Perfect age to utilise for breeding

Located Central Qld

Regretable sale

Price negotiable, no tyre kickers please
$1,000 each Qld (Country)

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