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Contact Seller Lizard 3

Lace Monitors

Baby lace monitors, feeding well, very tame. Will freight at buyers expense.
$200 each Qld (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 8

Murray Darling Python Juveniles - Morelia spilota metcalfei

Very tame and hardy juveniles ready to go. They are 6 months old. Have been handled since day one and all have extremely great temperaments. None have ever struck out. All are eating mouse hoppers with gusto. Genuine buyers only. These are great little snakes and would be an ideal first snake pet. View parents on pick up.
Permit Number : A103
$150 each NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Jungle Carpet Python w/ Enclosure

Adult female 5y/o and approx 1.5m. Extremely gentle temperament which makes her great to handle (quite rare in jungles). Feeds every time and is of breeding size + age (although has not been probed). Selling with a 3ft tall ExoTerra glass enclosure + lights, thermostat etc. Regretful sale due to work commitments.
Permit Number : AKL098369
$650 the lot NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Wanted

SA Peninsula Dragon (Ctenophorus fionni)

3-4 year old male SA Peninsula Dragon (not the Arcoon.)
If from interstate I will pay for freight. Willing to pay $200 - $250 or willing to negotiate.
Permit Number : AKL75416
Wanted NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 2

Topaz Tanami woma pair

Two beautiful topaz tanami womas Hatched 30/12/12 bred by southern cross reptiles. Both beautiful temperament never refuse a feed, both feeding on adult rats and handle very well. Also come with two rtt 1200 enclosures with heat mats, hides, lamps ect .
Intended to breed, but unable due to family commitments, regretful sale.
$1,400 the lot Qld
Contact Seller Snake 1

Tanami Desert Woma Pair

Male/female Tanami Desert Womas. Just over six years old. Female ~ 165cm TL; male ~ 150cm TL. They feed well on rats.
Purchaser to organise freight.
$400 per pair Qld (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 10

Snake Collection

One male whenlock carpet python bred by brad walker, 3 foot long nice markings.
2 breeding pair of childrens pythons and a sub adult male.
1 breeding trio of spotted pythons 2 female, 1 male, bred the last 4 years in a row
1 male water python.
Selling as a lot.
No freight "pick up only" can send pics on request.

Permit Number : akl73935
$1,200 the lot NSW (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Adult Female Jungle Python

Black & yellow female jungle, proven breeder (clutches of 20, 25, 29-with a twin, 30 & 24 over the last 8 years). 12 years old, never bitten but tense when handled, so not great around kids. Palmerston bloodlines (no firm proof however). 4.7kg approx 1.95m long. Excellent feeder on jumbo rats. Willing to freight via AAE at buyers expense, allow $100.
$800 each Qld (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 2

Albino Darwin Carpet Python

Adult Male & Female (proven breeders once) albino darwin carpets. Southern Cross bloodlines. Male: 4.6kg, snout to vent approx 1.85m, bright yellow & white banding. Female: 3.6kg, snout to vent approx 1.84m, bright yellow & pale yellow markings. Both 7 years old, great to handle, great feeders (on jumbo rats). Selling due to downscaling collection (personal reasons). Willing to freight via AAE at buyers expense - allow $160. Selling the pair at this price.
$4,000 per pair Qld (Metro)
Contact Seller Other 200

Young Green Tree Frogs

Green tree frogs very healthy feeding well on crickets flies and meal worms
Can freight interstate at buyers expense
Cheaper for bulk lots
Smaller frogs available
$20 each Vic (Metro)