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Contact Seller Snake 1

Black Headed Python

5 year old female. Approx 8 feet long. Very placid, handled regularly. Feeds well on frozen rats.
Also a custom built enclosure with heat mat & UV lamp.
Will sell separately, BHP $800, enclosure $200.
$1,000 each Qld (Metro)
Contact Seller Equipment 1

Reptile Accesories

Reptile enclosure 1080x560x560
Bulb socket
Bulb cage
150w infra red bulb
Advanced reptile thermometer
2x vines
2x corner water dish
Large hide
Rocks bought at a store
Drift wood bought at a store
$500 each Qld
Contact Seller Lizard 1

Wanted Lace Monitor

I am looking for a female lace monitor 18 months or older for breeding, preferably used to being handled, proof of sex is essential.
$700 each Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Albino Adult Male Darwin Carpet Python

Nothing wrong with this snake, only problem was that it was sold to me as a "proven breeder female", but it is definitely a male! (Vet confirmed). Feeds well on med - large rats, easily handled and has nice colouring and patterning - ready for breeding. Currently being cooled. If I didn't have all males I would keep it, very lovely snake. Was told he is 5 years old. Freight additional.
Permit Number : AKL54008
$2,000 each NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Adult Coastal Carpet Python (probably female)

5 year old coastal carpet with a great temperament.

Fully grown at 2 meters and doesn't mind being handled.

Includes full set-up: snake, cage, lamp, water bowl, etc.

Keen for a good home.
Permit Number : AKLZ029566
$250 the lot NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 15

High Yellow - Baby Diamond Pythons

Baby Diamond Pythons hatched 5/2/14.
Nice healthy babies with good colours & patterns & have a great nature that handle well.
Currently feeding on pinky rats. All are good eaters & never refuse a feed.
No shedding problems.
Males & females available for individual sale or will sell a pair for $600.
The pictures are of one of the babies for sale & one of the parents. As you can see the parents have a beautiful pattern & colour. The parents are very placid. More pictures of the babies or parents are available upon request.
$400 each Qld (Metro)
Contact Seller Wanted

SA Peninsula Dragon (Ctenophorus fionni)

3-4 year old male SA Peninsula Dragon (not the Arcoon.)
If from interstate I will pay for freight. Willing to pay $200 - $250 or willing to negotiate.
Permit Number : AKL75416
Wanted NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Albino Darwin Python Male - price reduced!

This guy is year and half old.
He's feeding very well on fuzzy mice.
He's easy to handle but occasionally a little cage defensive.
The parents are from Sth-x reptiles.
Willing to freight at buyers expense.
$600 each Vic (Metro)