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Contact Seller Lizard 1

Shingleback Lizard

Black Shingleback

Mature adult, age, gender not known

I have not bred with it as it was used for exhibiting purposes

Excellent handler, beautiful temperament

Would definitely prefer it to go to a home where it will be kept in an outdoor natural environment as close to their species requirements as possible

It will not be sold to just anyone to make a sale. Buyer will have to demonstrate sufficient knowledge, experience and housing facilities to ensure best welfare of this shingleback

Local pick up only

Permit Number : A00095
$180 each NSW (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 4

Wanted - Speckled Brown Snake

I'm after 4 speckled brown snake/s

Good money paid for quality animals

Prefer younger snakes but might consider older ones

Willing to pay $1,000 to $2,000 for individual snakes plus freight
$1 per pair Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Other 1

Kreft Turtle

Have had turtle since it was able to fit in the palm of my hand

It is now the size of a bread and butter plate

Don't know the sex

Fed on pellets

Need gone asap

Comes with a six foot fish tank if wanted

Pick up only
$200 each Vic
Contact Seller Snake 1

Stimson Python - Female

Purchased from and sexed by Snake Ranch NSW

Have had her for 5 yrs

She feeds on fuzzy rats and sheds well

Was great to handle but has not been in a while

She has amazing colouring

Need gone asap

Comes with enclosure if you want it

Pick up only
$200 each Vic
Contact Seller Snake 7

South Western Carpet Python (morelia spilota imbricata)

This years juveniles

Feeding on young mice

Males and females available

Permit Number : 12465488-A
$125 each Vic (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 6

Albino Carpet Python Yearlings

Pairs and Single Females available

These placid Albinos handle extremely well and are excellent feeders

Parents are two of the best ever produced by us at SXR

Guaranteed healthy and disease-free as they are housed in a closed facility

Accurately sexed

Can arrange shipment to major city and regional airports at purchasers expense

Pairs $600

Single Females $300

Photos will be sent to serious buyers

Permit Number : W02683-3
$300 each SA (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 10

Kreffts (Black) Tiger Snake (notechis ater ater)

This years young

Being assist fed on pink mice

Mostly males available

Permit Number : 12465488-A
$250 each Vic (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 10

Diamond x (morelia sp.)

This years juveniles

Feeding on young mice

Mostly females available

Permit Number : 12465488-A
$100 each Vic (Country)
Contact Seller Other 100

Magnificent Green Tree Frogs (Litoria splendida)

These babies are 18 weeks old

The price includes export permit

Growing and eating well

Can send how ever many to one location for distribution to individuals to save on transport costs
$25 each WA
Contact Seller Lizard 10

Blotched Bluetongue juvenilles (Tiliqua nigrolutea)

Selling individually to committed owners only

Born March 2016

All healthy growing, shedding and eating well

Pick-up from Mt Waverley Vic
$50 each Vic (Metro)

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